Auto-Adjust the Sensitivity of Your Touch Screen

If you need comfortable touch screen sensitivity to regulate your android,   surely you need   to opt for auto-adjust option to reset the touch screen sensitivity.
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Fast Facts  
  • For harder screen sensitivity, you must decrease the degree of sensitivity.  
  • For lighter touch screen, you require  to  accelerate the  speed of  sensitivity  
  • Cross check options and feel free to tune up the touch screen handset to have lot of fun while browsing online.

How to Do Auto-Adjust to Reset the Touch Screen Sensitivity?

  • Choose setting icon
  • Go to my device category
  • Again select display mode
  • Go through the list of options on the small window
  • Opt for  auto adjust  to tune up the  sensitivity  of the touch screen

Shortcut Methods Applicable to List of Android Devices

  • Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini
  • Motorola moto G lollypop
  • Motorola Moto X Lollypop
  • Samsung J7
  • HTC1 m9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note3 Lollypop
  • Samsung Galaxy s5
  • Samsung Galaxy tab A 10.0 Marshmellow

Check Phone Setting Updates
If your touch screen sensitivity is not properly working, you must reset it immediately.  To have ultra light touch screen, you should update the setting. Regular updates are available on dashboard to bring the specific changes to the touch screen setting. Obviously, few result oriented software tools are helpful to   android users to adjust the screen sensitivity.

Improve the Touch Screen Sensitivity

Touch screen calibration toolkits are not new things to a smart phone user. If it is not an easy task to   control or manage the touch screen sensitivity, better to calibrate the android setting. It will improve the speed and flexibility of touch screen sensitivity.
  • If you wear gloves, your device needs harder touch on the screen. If your fingers are bare, ultra touch is fine for you.  Therefore, do trials what type of touch you feel comfy while operating the smart phone.  
  • Often, due to the soiled touch screen of the android smart phone, the sensitivity fluctuates with tech issue. Therefore, use good screen cleanser gel or chemical solution to enhance the clarity of the touch screen of the i-device.
  • Ultra-thin screen protector also inhibits the rigidity in the touch screen sensitivity. Therefore, experts recommend a list of high quality biodegradable smooth ultra sleek protectors for android devices.  

In this connection, take screenshots of various online demos on how to control the touch screen sensitivity of the i-device for offline studies.

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