Fast Guide to Fix Windows Updates Being Stuck –Tips

Your system runs windows package but it is often not working properly due to the technical problems. Windows 8.1/10 or 7.0 old version should be properly updated to navigate smoothly. Fix errors and try to wipe out the problems of widows being stuck. Free tutorials are a guide to assist customers to handle frequent windows updating issue.

Fast Solution for You to Stop Windows Updates Being Blocked

Windows updating process is interrupted owing to low internet connection. So check your broad band connection to remove the tech related problem. However, it is seen that windows 8.1 version runs slow because of keeping the system on sleeping mode.  At the time of windows updating, the computer must not be on sleeping mode. So, disable the sleep button and let the process run smoothly.
  • Go to the start option at the bottom
  • Type “power” in the search panel
  • Activate power option

Update Windows Package

Windows regularly update. So, people ask for quick support to make their systems workable when windows updates are stuck or disabled. It is not a fast process to update the latest packages to do the proper windows updating.  Say, you need at least 1 hour to reset the computers for running the updated customizable windows package.  Well, experts suggest that people should try once to wait for 60 minutes to see the results in the case of updating windows 8.1 or 10 edition. Even system rebooting is needed to wipe out any hidden or negligible error for windows resetting.
Windows update agent can also be blocked or deactivated. It stands to reason; you must not be careless to cross check the windows update agent. Download MSU files opening the following link.

Disable Old Windows Update Agent before Running New Updates

An important thing to remember is to disable the current or pre-set windows update agent. If it works, then downloading issue will be prominent to interrupt the fast activation of updated version of “windows update agent”. To disable the old update agent on your system, following procedures include
  • CMD admin tool needs to be used
  • Type fluently this coded statement “net stop wuauserv”
  • Enter
Finally, Microsoft has launched a troubleshooting diagnostic tool for customers to remodify or reset the windows update agent. Step by step tech guidance is very useful to newcomers to handle the sudden issue.  Windows packages should be updated to make the system smooth to run. Online tech schools and consultants guide people to stop any disorder in updating the windows 8.1 version.

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