Free Guide for You to Disable Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana is a new feature launched by Microsoft. You will get a number of excellent notification options in specific time.  However, many people is not interested to run Cortana on windows. They want to disable this feature to do the online browsing smoothly. Learn how to deactivate Cortana on windows 10.

Block Cortana on Windows

To be frank, Microsoft has no easy option to remove Cortana from the taskbar.  Updates happen to upgrade Cortana to facilitate numerous windows 10 users on a single go. Still, if you like to wipe out Cortana from windows 10 checklist, you should opt for registry editing option to stop functionality of Cortana.

Reset Cortana

According to experienced professional Microsoft cortana users, it only permits people to surf on Bing. There is no option to Google. Therefore, this tech obligation must be removed by deactivating Cortana feature to browse on other search engines.

Edit Windows Registry to Disable Cortana

Windows Registry should be edited to ensure the proper deactivation of Cortana. In this case, you require windows 10 professional to proceed.  Registry Editor is not a simple tool. If you are not very much comfy to use it, try to take technical assistance to operate this Registry Editor. At the same time, system restoration process can be opted for by installing Anniversary Update to minimize the problems of operating registry editor to keep Cortana fully on passive mode.

Choose Third Party Tools to Block Cortana on Windows 10

Instead of editing registry, it is much suitable to a newcomer to find the registry hacking tool at repository online. It will reduce the complicated process of registry editing. This jail broken tool is very easy to handle in the case of removing the Cortana feature on windows 10 version. However, before having support from third party registry hacking tool, install effective anti-virus setting to enhance the proper security of data. In this connection, feel free to cross check online hands-on demos.  

Use Pro to Deactivate Cortana-Tips

Finally, often experts recommend Pro or Enterprise tool for windows 10 to simplify the deactivation of the cortana easily. Local Group Policy is now much functional to enable people to disable Cortana. To introduce or add Local Group Policy to the system, follow this method
  • “Windows + R, typing “gpedit.msc”
  • Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search
  • Do double mouse clicks on “allow cortana” to disable option
Cortana can be reactivated by abiding by simple procedures. Just follow guidelines properly to restrore the cortgana when needed. Online tech assistance is now available round the clock to make you competent to reset the system by blocking/disabling cortana.  


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