How To Deal With MSMPENG.Exe Anti – Malware Service Executable

Msmpeng.exe anti- malware Service is a windows error code which arises due yo high use of the cpu. Mostly the users of Windows 10 operating system face this problem. It makes your CPU make a lot of noise and use up a lot of space in CPU. It is a part of Windows Defender Program and is a Windows Security Tool. This is a process which is being led by the Windows Defender which ultimately makes your PC crash.

How To Fix It

  1. Add anti- malware service executable for Windows Defender Exclusion List 

You need to open your PC and go to Task Manager. Type and search for anti-malware Service Executable and right click on it when you get it to open that file. You need to select Open File Location option. The next step is to copy the directory by clicking on home and copying path. You again need to go to the start menu and search for Microsoft Security Essentials. Then you need to go to settings and click on excluded files and location. In the first dialog box, you need to paste the path and click on add option. Save all the changes, and this is one of the methods on how to fix this error so that your PC functions smoothly.

  1. Disable Windows Defender

You have to install a trusted third virus anti- virus or malware. Then right click on the empty section of the task bar.

Click on task manager and choose services.  You need yo find two defender services. Disable and try to put it in the manual mode. Close the tab.

  1. Change the Anti- malware Service executable Scan Properties

You need to turn on your pc and click on start menu. Then you have to search for Control Panel and open it. You can see an option named ‘Administrative tools.’ Click on it and then click on Task Scheduler. You will also find another option in Control Panel named as ‘Library.’ Go to Microsoft and then click on Windows to open Windows Defender. In the lower right panel, you can see, click on the option named Properties. You will find many boxes there, and you need to uncheck them all. You should also look at ‘Start the task only if the PC is idle for’ and ‘Start the task only of the PC is on AC power’ along with other options. After your work is done, close all the tabs.

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  1. Run a full scan of your WINDOWS PC to check for Viruses

First, you need to turn on your PC and open start menu. You need to click on ‘Microsoft Security Essentials.’ When you are opening git, you can see a pop- up. You have to check the ‘Full’ option present there to scan your Windows PC thoroughly. Click on ‘Scan Now’ option to scan properly and carefully. After the process is over, close all the tabs.

  1. Update the Windows Drivers on your PC

You have to turn on your PC and go to the start menu for applying this method to get rid of the error. Search for Control Panel and open it. You need to scroll down to reach ‘Windows Update’ section. The next step is to click on it and check whether there is any new update present or not. If there is any, update it as soon as possible. You can also set it to automatically update mode so that you don’t have to do it manually the next time. For doing so, you need to go to the left side of your desktop and click on ‘Change Settings’ option. After you have opened it, click the ok drop down menu. Now you have to select ‘Install Updates Automatically’ present there. You need to click on the Ok button to save the configuration. After completing, close all the tabs.  So these are some of the ways, by which you can get rid of MSMPEND.exe anti-malware service.

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