Snoopza: Keep an Eye on Your Kid’s Phone with this Free & Simple App!

The latest smartphones offer all the gaming opportunities a kid can ask for. Then there are the social networking, messaging and photo and video sharing apps that open up new avenues for kids, something children from yesteryears couldn’t even think of. Amid all the entertainment and social networking opportunities offered by smartphones, these devices also expose your children to a wide range of risks. That doesn’t mean that you have to prevent your kids from using smartphones or tablets altogether. There is a free cell phone tracking tool that lets you keep track of what your child is doing with their phone secretly without them knowing about it. Snoopza is a proven app that has helped hundreds of thousands of parents spy on their children’s phone.

How can Snoopza Help You?

Are you worried whom your child may be chatting with on Facebook? You don’t want them to share messages or receive calls from unknown people. How can you know that someone has been trying to make unwanted advances online?

Snoopza is an easy to use and free cell phone tracking app that can provide you complete details of your child’s activities on their Android smartphone or tablet.

Here is what you can do using Snoopza.

  • Track Social Networking Activities: Almost every child has a Facebook account. Many kids like to share all their photos and videos on Instagram. You cannot prohibit your kid from creating accounts and making friends on these apps. But you should still find a way to ensure their safety. Snoopza allows you to keep track of your child’s messages and audio/video calls on these apps without them knowing.
  • Track Phone Calls & SMS: You may be at work or at home and cannot always remain close to your child. With this free cell phone tracking app you can get details of all the phone calls (incoming and outgoing), missed calls, and SMS and MMS messages on their phone. If you notice they are in contact with an unknown person on a consistent basis, you could take appropriate action. You can even record the audio file of a call using this app.
  • WhatsApp & Snapchat Spying: Snoopza can also record all activities on these messaging apps. From messages sent and received to audio/video calls and files shared, you can view everything. The app can also keep track of activities on Viber.

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Your Kid’s Location

If you have a school going kid, you would know where they should be during his school hours. Whether your kid is going out to play or visit a friend, you would want to ensure their safety at all times. With Snoopza, you can even keep track of your child’s location. Just login to your Snoopza account on their site and you can get the GPS location along with the above-mentioned information at your fingertips. If your child is not at the claimed location, you would know what to do.

Some of the other things you can do with this free cell phone tracking include capturing screenshots, checking contacts list, tracking phone camera, and even the web history. You know which websites your child is not allowed to visit.

Every parent wants to keep their child safe and sound at all times. Just because you cannot be around your child at all times, it shouldn’t mean that they should be exposed to any kind of potential risks. Snoopza is an easy-to-install, free cell phone tracking app that can be discreetly installed on your child’s Android smartphone or tablet. Then, you could get all the information of the device’s activities by accessing your Snoopza account. It doesn’t cost you to know what your child is doing on their phone or where they are. And you don’t need any advanced knowledge to find out how to install or use it too.

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